On the web they talk about you. Even if you are not there

On the web they talk about you. Even if you are not there Markets are Conversations. Thanks to reticular models and social media, users are informed and
direct their choices participating and contributing to a “many to many” communication. For the Brands the challenge is therefore to be present in the lives of users by inhabiting conversations and adding value to them.

Digital conversations offer the great opportunity to reach your public when it is most interested in listening. Thanks to digital, Brands reach their public with greater impact and immediacy than before. The Brand has never had the opportunity to be so close to its public.

Social media are particularly suitable to be used in favor of one’s own communication. They are universes in which brands and public can tell each other, confront each other, reach each other and interact. They are the tool through which to engage and listen to the users of your target.

Many approaches to social communication often do not get the desired effects. The reason is that most of the time you want to use social media as if they were traditional media in which a single speaks to a predefined public.

Their characteristic is instead deeply different. It is the users’ behavior that ensures a published content to be seen or unseen. Therefore it is required a counterintuitive approach and a deep and continuous knowledge of the functioning dynamics of these media and of the algorithms that rule them.

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