Brand: Your most important asset

If products are built in factories and services in management rooms there is only a place to build brands: people’s mind, it is there that the Brand directs purchasing decisions by going beyond whichever rational logic.

So defining the identity of a Brand means defining the reason for which you will be chosen, recognized, rewarded, loved. It means thinking about how the project for which Branding is made can and must be present in the mind of the target.

Defining the identity of a Brand means making it recognizable so that it passes down its value at every stage of the Communication project. Starting a Communication Plan by investing in a Branding project allows you to maximize the efficacy of the plan and optimize costs avoiding the scattering in many different uncoordinated actions.

So what is the power of the Brand? It is the power of being understood, recognized and appreciated uniquely by consumers in a world of ever-expanding choices.

And this is a power that has value above all else.

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